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Section 2 – Built environment curriculum design and structure

Objective: Outline a program design format and content using a civil engineering program as case study

Case study: Civil Engineering course (4-year/5-year curriculum) offered at the International University – Vietnam National University (IU-VNU)

2.1. Guiding principles for sustainability education: teaching and learning issues

  • Values-based
  • Learner centred; learning in context
  • Holistic in scope and practice
  • Future-oriented and action-oriented
  • Experiential and collaborative
  • Inter-disciplinary, intra-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary
  • Critical, participatory and self-reflective
  •  Locally relevant
  • Culturally appropriate
  •  Inclusive of minority and community knowledge, wisdom and opinion

2.2. Identifying learning aims (case study format: 4-5 year engineering course)





2.3. Developing learning outcomes – translate concepts/learning aims into outcomes hinged on the following (but not limited to) capability requirements