2012 YRS

2012 YRS Field trip 1

The main goal of the Young Researchers’ School (YRS) is to provide graduate students and young post‐doctoral researchers with an opportunity to better understand the spectrum of challenges that underpin sustainable development. By assembling these young scientists together for an intensive two-week workshop, the school fosters the growth of a network of sustainability scholars and professionals in the Asia‐Pacific region.

Read updates from the young researchers attending the school here!

The theme of the 2012 school was ‘Building a Resilient Society in Asia.’ Discussions focused on policies and projects involving health and well-being, poverty eradication, social entrepreneurship, urban development and disaster management. Through lectures and field trips where different community projects were presented, students were able to experience how UGM has been contributing to local community development through activities that aim to empower both students and local people.

As in previous years, resources have been committed to provide support for selected young scholars, who will benefit from exposure to a wide range of expertise from post-doctoral students to professors of the ProSPER.Net community.