What is ProSPER.Net?

ProSPER.Net is an alliance of leading universities in the Asia-Pacific region that are committed to integrating sustainable development into postgraduate courses and curricula. The network, dubbed ProSPER.Net: Promotion of Sustainability in Postgraduate Education and Research Network, is developing a new generation of leaders who can best tackle global sustainability challenges in the face of rapid environmental degradation. By changing the way higher education institutions teach students about sustainability, ProSPER.Net improves the ways in which future professionals manage sustainability issues across a wide variety of disciplines.

ProSPER.Net was founded in June 2008 within the framework of a broader international agenda that recognizes the importance of education and research to help build a more sustainable future. There are currently 55 members, spread throughout Asia-Pacific, that have strong education and research programmes dedicated to sustainable development and related fields. Together, they work towards a common cause: creating multi-disciplinary solutions – including education and research programmes – to respond to a wide range of sustainable development challenges.