Engineering and Built Environment Curriculum

This ProSPER.Net project “Integrating Sustainability Education into Existing Engineering and Built Environment Curriculum” was aimed at developing a guide for university academics and curriculum developers to integrate sustainability thinking and practice into built environment disciplines, such as engineering and architecture at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Main Objectives :

  1. Integrate sustainability thinking and practice into engineering and built environment curricula through a professional development programme for university academics;
  2. Identify key priorities for inclusion in the professional development programme; and
  3. Contextualise the priorities within global and local policy commitments for sustainability in the built environment.

In addition, the project also helped expand and develop further courses and offerings and helped forge links and partnerships with the industry sector. The rationale behind the project was capacity building in education for sustainability for the built environment and skills development and enhancement for graduates in an increasingly globalised market.
The immediate partners in the project were faculty members in engineering and built environment curricula at ProSPER.Net institutions and industry stakeholders – including government bodies – of ProSPER.Net institutions. Participation was not restricted to ProSPER.Net institutions.


Leading member and project investigator
Dr. Usha Iyer-Raniga
: School of Property, Construction and Project Management, RMIT University
Dr. Mary Myla Andamon
: School of Property, Construction and Project Management, RMIT University

Project members
Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand)
Tongji University (China)
University of the Philippines (Philippines)
National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (India)
Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia)
Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia)
University of Tokyo (Japan)
International University, Vietnam National University – HCM (Vietnam)
RMIT International University (Vietnam)
RMIT University (Australia)

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  1. Iyer-Raniga, U, Andamon, M.M. (2012). Sustainability Education in the Engineering and Built Environment Curriculum: The Case for Asia Pacific. In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference of Education, Research   and Innovation (19-21 November 2012), Madrid, Spain, pp 5190-5200 (ISBN: 978-84-616-0763-1).
    [download/ read: Abstract of the paper; Full paper; presentation slides ]
  2. Working paper (published in July 2013)