2015 ProSPER.Net Leadership Programme

Creating sustainable societies is a global ambition that entails transformational change and development of new breed of leaders equip with the knowledge and skills on sustainable development. The ProSPER.Net Leadership Programme is a capacity development programme for young and aspiring leaders aiming at developing leadership skills conducive to knowledge management and application, and serves as a testing-ground for potential implementation through partnerships with local governments, communities, civil societies,  and private sector, and addressing the current lack of opportunity to further local sustainable development and influence policymaking. 

The 2015 ProSPER.Net Leadership Programme embarked on the theme of “Transformational Leadership in Implementing and Assessing Sustainability Projects”. ProSPER.Net under the auspices of the UNU-IAS offered this year’s programme in collaboration with its partners – the Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT) of the Ministry of Education of Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, and University College of Technology Sarawak.


Participants went through a unique experience that will assist them in leading efforts towards developing work with a clearer vision and understanding regarding diverse perspectives, focusing on collaborative efforts, leveraging networks and involving multiple stakeholders.


ProSPER.Net Publication: Field Case Studies on ‘Transformational Leadership in Implementing and Assessing Sustainability Projects’ 

The publication is based on the five field case studies written by participants of the Leadership Programme:

1) Role of transformational leadership in the promotion of sustainable agricultural practice: A case study of Palace Hotel

2) Sustainability in a marginalized urban area through education development: A case study of Numbak Vision Center

3) Sustainable island development: A case study of Gaya Island

4) Sustainable Highland development: A case study of Bundu Tuan

5) Integrating the principle of sustainability in higher education: A case study of University Malaysia Sabah

The full publication can be downloaded here.


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Reflections by Sachiko Yasuda, UNU-IAS

Report by Ryoko Suzuki, UNU-IAS

Summary from participant Preeti Aggarwal


Resource Persons: The programme was delivered by leadership experts primarily from the Higher Education Leadership Academy, ProSPER.Net and from the local community.

Aims of the Programme:

  • gained competencies in adaptive leadership, which involves creativity, appreciative thinking, alternative scenario building, and future visioning;
  • gained skills in communication and consensual decision-making processes through interpersonal active listening activities, and group decision-making simulations;
  • learned team project development skills through problem-based learning cases in the community;
  • Enhanced leadership qualities to serve societal needs