Hokkaido University

Hokkaido University (HU) offers the Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI), a summer programme of around a hundred classes in Hokkaido from June to August each year. HSI 2017 will be comprised of 82 courses for graduate students offered by HU faculty members in collaboration with 140 world-leading researchers from over 110 universities/research institutions all over the world. HSI 2017 covers a wide variety of disciplines, including “International Course on Integrated Marine Biology and Ecology,” “Intersectionality of Migration, Ethnicity, and Gender in East Asia,” “The Concept of a Sustainable Campus and University Campus Assessment,” and more! Many of these courses are related to sustainability, offering lectures, seminars, and field work opportunities for participating students. Read more

HU welcomes graduate students from ProSPER.Net member universities to join and study with HU’s students in Hokkaido, which is one of the most popular destinations in Japan during the summer season. Students from ProSPER.Net universities need to follow the existing application process designated on the HSI website in February. Credits will be awarded upon completion by HU. The number of credits varies depending on the courses taken. Students from ProSPER.Net universities will have both their application and enrollment fees waived. Students or their sponsors will be responsible for tuition, accommodation, food, travel, and insurance.

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Faculty and researchers from ProSPER.Net universities who wish to co-teach a course need to find a HU faculty member to do so. Faculty departments at HU may have a limited budged to cover travel and accommodation for faculty and researchers who wish to co-teach in the HSI.