Guide Section 3:

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Section 3 – Built environment curriculum content

Objective: Outline a program design format and content using a civil engineering program as case study
Case study: Civil Engineering course (4-year/5-year curriculum) offered at the International University – Vietnam National University (IU-VNU)

3.1. Curriculum Content (Themes)

  • Knowledge – concepts
  • Issues (in the built environment)
  • Perspectives (global, national, local)
  • Skills
  • Values (formation of attitudes)

3.2. Transformative sustainability pedagogies (approaches/methods) for building environment courses– establish / outline the following:

  • Strategies for curriculum design
  • Integrated ‘learning’ activities for built environment courses
  • Assessment for learning

3.3. References and Useful Resources

  • Summary of references and resources on sustainability education in built environment and higher education

Template to outline a course curriculum: