Webinar: Relationship between Circular Economy and Sustainable Development Goals

Date/Time: 8 December 2022, 17:00-18:30 (AEDT), online

Economic growth based on a linear economic model is not feasible with the reality that our resources are finite. Moreover, a limited capacity for landfill at end of life is also putting more pressure on governments. Transforming away from this model is urgently needed as resources are better managed and holistic solutions of material flow as well as waste elimination are considered through supply chains. The Circular Economy (CE) model has been globally regarded as a promising solution to tackle these issues. However, there is still a question: “What is the relationship between CE and the Sustainable Development Goals?”. To address this question, this seminar will discuss the relationship of CE and SDGs as well as analyse local-based CE case studies mapped against the SDGs to get an in-depth understanding of how CE can be considered as a tool to meet the SDGs and ultimately meet sustainability outcomes.

As part of the webinar series in the ProSPER.Net research project ‘Circular Economy Integration for Sustainable Built Environment Education’, this second webinar will be presented by five universities: RMIT, University of Peradeniya, TERI School of Advanced Studies, Asian Institute of Technology, and Arabaev Kyrgyz State University.

The webinar will start with an introduction to CE, SDGs, and the built environment. A literature review will be presented with a focus on the relationships between CE and SDGs and how the three triple bottom lines of sustainability can be achieved by CE practices. Local-based case studies will underline the diversity of CE implementation in construction projects with industrial innovation and environmental considerations. A discussion and recommendation will be provided to improve the relationship between CE practices and SDGs targets. The webinar will be brought to the end with a 30-minute Q&A session for discussion between the research panel and participants. Register here.