RCE Greater Western Sydney calls for university case studies in sustainability assessments

RCE GWS is seeking university case studies in the global RCE community that engage with ‘powerful assessment’ tasks. Powerful assessment means assessment tasks which are integrated, real-world based and tap in combination the personal, interpersonal and cognitive capabilities we know characterise successful early career graduates.

Specific areas of interest are: Assessment of social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability in combination – including any use and assessment of Blue Economy projects/ cradle to cradle design and use of apps, assessment of students’ capability for invention and ethical social/economic entrepreneurialism, and finally dilemma-based assessment.

Please click here for further information on the Graduate Capability Framework endorsed by Global L&T leaders that have been involved in the OLT National Teaching Fellowship that will give an operational picture of the personal, interpersonal and cognitive capabilities to be assessed.  If you are interested, please contact Professor Geoff Scott (g.scott@westernsydney.edu.au) by 6 November 2015.