UNESCO Conference on Education Policies for 2030, 18-20 January 2016, Paris, France

The 2030 education agenda places great emphasis on quality, inclusiveness and equity. While access to education remains high up in the national agenda of many countries, these suggested goals for education in 2030 will require governments to maximize the use of existing policy levers for change. Over the past two years, UNESCO has been closely monitoring three of these levers: governance, school leadership, and monitoring and evaluation. The variables and factors that optimize learning cannot be simply derived from results. Promoting quality necessitates a full system-wide approach to monitoring and evaluation that goes beyond the mere qualification of student learning outcomes. The conference on “Education Policies for 2030: Governance, School Leadership and Monitoring and Evaluation as Levers for Change” takes as its broad theme a discussion on which public policies can best help governments to reach higher levels of education quality through the use of these themes.

Presentations, panels and debates will be informed by three UNESCO reports featuring the main findings and lessons of the comparative analysis of public policies in these domains carried out over the past biennium and due to be launched at the conference. This is a conference by invitation only with mainly policy makers and high-level administrators in the education sector, researchers and policy analysts from international organizations, research institutions and universities, and think tanks, as well as representatives from organizations of stakeholders in education, including teachers, families, students, and the civil society at large, attending.  For more information on this event, click here.