Call for 2019 ProSPER.Net Event Hosts

The ProSPER.Net Secretariat would like to invite members to submit self-nominations to host the upcoming ProSPER.Net programmes and events for 2019.

Over the years, the network members have taken turns in hosting ProSPER.Net General Assemblies, Board Meetings, the Young Researchers’ School, the Leadership Programme and the Sustainability Forum. Hosting ProSPER.Net programmes/events gives the host institute a great opportunity for networking, promotion and capacity building.

Member institutions interested in hosting 2019 ProSPER.Net events can self-nominate by sending an official letter to the ProSPER.Net Secretariat. A hosting member may invite other ProSPER.Net members located in neighboring areas to co- host. In order to aid in the selection process, the following information should be included in the application letter:

  • Title of the event to host (multiple events may be proposed):
    • Young Researchers’ School: for PhD students (duration usually 7 – 12 days)
    • Leadership Programme: for academics and practitioners (duration usually a week)
    • ProSPER.Net General Assembly (may be organised jointly with a Board Meeting)
    • ProSPER.Net Sustainability Forum (usually held in conjunction with General Assembly and/or Board Meeting)
    • Other events (Please specify)
  • Proposed dates
  • Location and capacity of proposed venue
  • Proposed theme (for Young Researchers School, Leadership Programme, and Sustainability Forum)
  • Tentative sources of funding (details on budget plan)
  • Contact person(s) with relevant assigned tasks and/or responsibilities
  • Any events that will be held back-to-back with the proposed event

Proponents are encouraged to explore any global, regional, or local sustainability related conferences or other activities that are within their geographic area which may be synergistic with ProSPER.Net activities when proposing a date and venue for the proposed events.

The ProSPER.Net Secretariat will gladly assist in designing an event programme and coordinating a timeline. Please note however, the event host is requested to cover the organisational costs in most cases.

Members interested in hosting the ProSPER.Net events are requested to submit an official letter of interest to the ProSPER.Net Secretariat ( by 14 October, 2018.

Application and inquires should be addressed to: ProSPER.Net Secretariat (

Please note the deadline for submissions has now closed.