9th World Sustainability Forum

UNU-IAS will be presenting in a session organised by IAU at the 9th World Sustainability Forum (taking place virtually from 13-15 September 2021). This session, ‘Higher Education and Research – How universities around the world engage with Sustainability and build partnerships for the SDGs’, will focus on higher education’s role for sustainable development, presenting the IAU’s work on its strategic priority of HESD (Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development), how it fosters this around the world, and how collaboration between universities and HEIs can be increased. As an IAU partner organisation representative, Dr Jonghwi Park, Academic Programme Officer and Head of Innovation and Education at UNU-IAS will present on examples of practice, specifically looking at partnerships within the Higher Education sector and across sectors. 


Date/Time: Monday 13 September, 2021, 11:00 CEST (90 min session).

Event website: The 9th World Sustainability Forum