Learning for a Sustainable Future – two free to access short courses for COP26

The University of Edinburgh, in partnership with ‘Learning for Sustainability Scotland’, and the British Council, with input from Education Scotland, have developed two free to access Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as contributions to COP26.

‘Learning for a Sustainable Future: Live’ is a five-week course beginning on 4th October, 2021. It is a great opportunity for anyone, anywhere who is interested in sustainability, to learn more. It will also be of particular interest to those involved in communicating sustainability issues, and formal and informal sustainability education.

Engagement and time commitment are both flexible, and the course is available to join here. The course will remain open until mid-January, and will also run again in Spring 2022.

Learning for a Sustainable Future: Live at COP26′ is a two-week course, beginning 31st October, 2021, which runs in parallel with the COP26 conference, offering you an opportunity to examine what COP26 is, why it’s important and reflect on how you can add your voice to the call for collective action for a sustainable future.

The course begins by exploring the history and journey to COP26, the relationship with the current Biodiversity COP, and key international frameworks such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to share some of the creative and educational responses being developed by local communities, groups, global partnerships and schools as well as bringing some of the high level International, political discussions and outputs as they happen. Participants are invited to bring stories and issues to this course to learn and share with and from one another, and potentially to commit to some form of action, whatever that might be.

Engagement and time commitment are both flexible, and the course is available to join here. The content will remain open, free and accessible as a legacy resource beyond COP26.

Click here for a trailer for both courses, and additional related opportunities.

And click here for the FutureLearn trailer on ‘Learning for a sustainable future: Live at COP26’.