RMIT University, Australia

RMIT University offers a number of masters and doctoral programmes in specialist areas of sustainable development. Coursework and research programmes include Graduate Diploma and Masters degrees in Science (specialising in Environment and Planning, International Urban and Environmental Management or International Development), Engineering (specialising in renewable engineering or sustainable energy), Biotechnology (specialising in food microbiology, environmental and agricultural biotechnology or food science and technology), and Applied Science (specialising in geospatial information systems and sciences). Teaching in all these programmes is characterised by a strong professional focus, learning by doing, industry partnerships, opportunities for international experience – the RMIT “Global Passport” and expert staff.

RMIT has a particularly strong research programme in sustainable cities through two newly formed Research Institutes on Global Cities and on Design. Two key foci of research are climate change adaptation in cities and affordable housing. RMIT urban researchers take a strong regional approach, focusing on cities in Asia and the Pacific and through partnerships with UN Habitat, UNEP, UNESCO, AusAID, UNICEF and the UN Global Compact for Cities.

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