ProSPER.Net Policy Brief on Leadership for Sustainable Development

ProSPER.Net Policy Brief

No.1, 2017

Developing Leaders for Sustainable Development: Networking in Higher Education

Mario T. Tabucanon, UNU-IAS and Aurea C. Tanaka, UNU-IAS (2008-2014)

This Policy Brief, the first of the ProSPER.Net Policy Brief Series, sets recommendations for policy makers why university networks such as ProSPER.Net are to be fostered and nurtured. UNU-IAS researchers Mario Tabucanon and Aurea Tanaka summarise the benefits of these important networks and how universities can benefit of being part of networks such as ProSPER.Net.

“Creating sustainable societies requires leadership familiar with sustainable development topics. Current education systems lack the structure to bring up leaders with the necessary competencies to tackle sustainability challenges. Higher education needs reforming to integrate the vision of sustainability in curricula. Networking is a strategic tool to generate that transformation.”

Download the full policy brief here.