Asia Leadership Program on Sustainable Development and Climate Change: Development of Learning Cases

As reported at the ProSPER.Net Joint General Assembly and Board Meeting in Shanghai on 3-4 June 2015, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has launched the Asia Leadership Program (ALP) on Sustainable Development and Climate Change to enhance knowledge and leadership capabilities, knowledge sharing, and operationalizing lessons and best practices in policies and programs for policymakers. The ALP is comprised of an e-learning curriculum, face-to-face learning, and learning through a virtual community of leaders. The goal of cooperation is for ADB and UNU-IAS to be “knowledge partners” in the context of ALP, and UNU-IAS’ engagement entails mobilization of the ProSPER.Net community.

Specific Contributions

The following contributions of ProSPER.Net may be undertaken in the short term:

  1. The ALP may utilize selected learning materials (learning resources including case studies) from the ProSPER.Net project on “E-learning (Pilot) Programme on Sustainable Development Practices in Public Policy” offered at TERI University.
  2. Selected learning cases developed from the ProSPER.Net project on “Sustainable Consumption and Production Learning Cases” for the ASEAN+3 Leadership Programme of UNU-IAS may be used by ALP e-learning curriculum (summary version of cases) and the face-to-face workshop for senior policymakers (full version of cases).
  3. Learning cases may be developed based on selected ADB projects using the learning case format and guidelines adopted by the relevant ProSPER.Net project.

The Guidelines can be found here.

Potential ADB Projects for Learning Cases

The following ADB projects were suggested for learning case writing consideration:

  1. Nepal:  Melamchi Water Supply
    Delayed implementation, relatively quick turnover of project officers, went through a rebidding process; NEP government went through upheaval just as project was going to be implemented, including getting a new minister not in favor of PPP (or something like that), allegations of corruption, subjected to ADB compliance review
  2. Indonesia:  MFF Loan for Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program
    One of the earlier MFFs in water resources, also handled by many project officers, complicated stakeholder set since it’s a big river basin, subjected to ADB compliance review. Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program – Project 1
  3. Pakistan: Chasma Right Bank Irrigation Project
    Subjected to ADB compliance review for issues such as project-induced flooding and involuntary resettlement; inadequate compensation for loss of land, other assets, and livelihoods; adverse impacts on traditional rod kohi farmers; and insufficient information for, consultation with, and participation of intended beneficiaries. Also the first time under ADB’s accountability policy that the Compliance Panel has completed a full, five-year monitoring mandate so had lots of lessons on undertaking compliance review; featured as a KShow
  4. Philippines: Philippine Infrastructure for Rural Productivity Enhancement Sector Project
    Delayed implementation, delayed recruitment, dispute between ADB and EA, no progress with barely a year to go, complete change in management, extended for 4 years and able to complete all targets after change in project management, featured as a KShow

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