Wenhui Award for Educational Innovation 2015: Innovations for Skills Development for the Future

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) provided some answers to the question: what sorts of skills are needed to cope with continuous change, and how can these skills be developed? According to a recent survey, senior business executives agree that the top three skills their companies need are problem solving, team working and communication. Of some concern, however, is the perception of a skills gap in the workplace by 52% of the executives. Even among the 18-25 year olds surveyed, 56% believe that their education system is not providing them with the skills they need to enter the workforce, a view that is supported by 44% of teachers. The EIU report concludes that education must concern itself more with the development of skills to respond to rapidly changing situations.

Therefore, UNESCO Bangkok is calling for nominations of innovative educational approaches that may help to develop the skills needed for the 21st century in line with the theme of the 2015 Wenhui Award, Innovations for Skills Development for the Future. All applications must reach the Award Secretariat by 29 July 2015. Details about the Award are available here.