Call for Papers for special issue ‘International Review of Education’

Focus of the thematic issue
The thematic issue on Non-formal and Community Learning for Sustainable Development will present and analyse a wide range of non-formal ESD activities. A general overview article will be followed by six to eight case studies covering projects from all world regions. These case studies will be either ‘critically reflexive’ or grounded in empirical research, or both. The guest editors of this issue are cognizant of criticisms which have been levelled against case-study research in the field of ESD and are equally aware of the significance of contextual studies of practice that have transformative value both for local practice and practices elsewhere. Ideally, a case study will be co-written by a representative of the ‘project’ or ‘practice’ and an international ESD expert/researcher and guided by a set of critical considerations for conducting case study research in ESD (Walker, Corcoran & Wals, 2004). The case studies aim to provide insights into the practice of non-formal and community learning for sustainable development that will hopefully inspire further theoretical work and practical actions in this field.

The authors for the thematic issue case studies will be selected with a view to ensuring geographical diversity as well as diversity in perspectives on ESD in non-formal and community-based settings. The case studies will have to be written in English or French.
There will be a two-round selection process.

First round – expression of interest: Interested authors express their interest by writing a 300-word abstract for the case study. Abstracts should crystallise the proposed case study, and map out how this will be presented, including key sources of ideas/references/evidence/connection to the thematic issue.

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Deadline is 1 November 2015, midnight Paris time.

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