Gender Summit 6 Asia-Pacific 2015, 26-28 August 2015

The aim of the Gender Summit 6 Asia-Pacific 2015 is to introduce compelling research evidence on benefits of addressing gender issues in science and technology to improve quality of research and innovation. It is designed to interconnect all relevant stakeholders to develop strategies on how discussions and technological collaborations on gender diversity can open up opportunities to create new markets for scientific research and innovations.

The objectives of the Gender Summit 6 Asia-Pacific 2015 is to promote evidence-based, concerted and integrated actions by all participating stakeholders in STEMM. More specifically this effort will,

– help understanding of how to incorporate academic considerations of sex and gender with research and innovation;
– develop regional and national communities of experts across the government, industry, academic fields, and public citizenry to address scientific and social challenges through gendered innovations in research and development;
– promote a more creative research and innovation ecosystem through the inclusion of gender dimension in research methods, funding policy, review process and institutional structures;
– maximize opportunities for regional networking in research and human capital development through greater gender diversity;
contribute to enhancing quality of life by connecting gender issues and the best available technology based on distinct characteristics of Asia Pacific.

For more information please visit the conference website.