UN Sustainable Development Summit, 25-27 September 2015, New York, USA

More than 150 world leaders are expected to attend the UN Sustainable Development Summit September 25-27, at UN headquarters in New York to formally adopt an ambitious new sustainable development agenda. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that the summit “will chart a new era of sustainable development in which poverty will be eradicated, prosperity shared and the core drivers of climate change tackled”. The Summit will feature six interactive dialogues with the following themes: Ending poverty and hunger, tackling inequalities, empowering women and girls and leaving no one behind, fostering sustainable economic growth, transformation and promoting sustainable consumption and production, protecting our planet and combating climate change, building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions to achieve sustainable development, and finally delivering on a revitalised Global Partnership. It is envisaged that each dialogue will address the three dimensions of sustainable development. For more information please visit the UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform.