International Sustainability Conference 2023 on Sustainable Transformation Systems to Achieving SDGs and a Resilient Society

Date/Time: 20-21 January, 2023
Location: Hybrid (University of Toyama Gofuku campus and Zoom)

This two-day international conference, hosted by the Center for Far Eastern Studies, University of Toyama, will bring representatives from universities and international organisations to discuss how sustainable transformation systems can build long-lasting resilience to achieving SDGs and sustainable societies. The key experts and panellists will focus on the issues and challenges that hinder the achievement of sustainable food, water, and ecosystem transformation systems and provide visions into resilient solutions which can advance the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This conference aims to progress the sustainable science field and provide a platform for international experts, young researchers and scientists to present and exchange knowledge between them to familiarise sustainable conceptual approaches to transformation systems. This includes food systems, water security, socio-ecological issues, ecosystem management and resilient societies. Each session will prioritise understanding the interlinkages among multiple sectors, stakeholders, practices and solutions relevant to the influence on sustainable transformation in action. See the event flyer here.