Campus Youth Camp 2016, 23-30 June, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Compass Youth Camp (CYC) is a one-week Compass Education youth empowerment programme designed by youth for youth to inspire and empower committed student leaders from around Asia-Pacific region to facilitate and lead measurable actions in their schools and in their communities towards contributing to a sustainable future.

Through the diverse activities and experiences in the CYC, participants gain competency using a suite of proven systems thinking based tools, and methods for training others, investigating and analyzing sustainability issues and challenges, developing measurable action plans, and strategically leading change.

This year’s camp will be held at the Traidhos Three-Generations Community for Learning in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand from 23-30 June 2016. It will be organized and facilitated by proven youth facilitators, with assistance from a team of international school educators, for 20 youth who are have a strong interest and passion to be active participants in sustainable development efforts in their sphere of concern and influence.

What is the expected outcome from the camp? We are seeking to see and realize real, tangible outcomes from this 7-day camp for the youth participants and the schools and communities that they are involved with. This means that we expect each participant to go back to their respective schools and mobilize their peers in creating a measurable change project in their school and/or in their community that positively contributes to a sustainable future (i.e. links to any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs). Participants will gain language, tools, skills and experience to also facilitate capacity building training for other, whether other youth or even their teachers and other adults.

Find out more about the camp activities here.