Scholarships and Admissions Open for the Global Sustainability Science Programme (GSSP) at University of Toyama

The Global Sustainability Science Programme (GSSP) at the University of Toyama offers a two-year master’s programme on an interdisciplinary approach to addressing current societal problems by nurturing human resources capacity and formulating strategies for future sustainable pathways. The master’s programme focuses on global environmental challenges and societal transformations from a local to a worldwide level through linking social and natural sciences. From this programme, students will learn to develop skills to design and communicate solutions to sustainability challenges and deepen their understanding of the role of sustainability studies in addressing current problems to global change that creates a future pathway as sustainable development experts.

As part of GSSP, merit-based eligible students from ASEAN countries will be awarded by Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship. In addition, the University of Toyama offers privately financed limited scholarships to international students applying for this programme. For the selection of a suitable supervisor, please visit the GSSP website.

Read more about the Graduate School of Sustainability Studies here and learn more about applying here. Guidelines for application submissions for international students can be found here. The application period is from 19-23 December, 2022.