ProSPER.Net E-Bulletin Issue 54 (July 2017)


Message from the ProSPER.Net Secretariat

ProSPER.Net Meetings 2017

The ProSPER.Net meetings held on 5-6 July in Bangkok, Thailand, were not only fruitful in their outcome, but a great opportunity for members to meet and mingle. Apart from joining the 17th Board Meeting and the 11th General Assembly, ProSPER.Net members had the opportunity to attend the 4th Annual Asia Research Intelligence Conference, where ProSPER.Net delivered a session on ‘International Collaboration: Community-based Research in the Context of the SDGs’

ProSPER.Net took the opportunity to congratulate Chulalongkorn University for their centennial anniversary and expressed gratitude to Elsevier for providing the platform of the conference to showcase the contributions and aspirations of ProSPER.Net towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. The 5th ProSPER.Net Leadership Programme “Building transformational leadership towards the Sustainable Development Goals” was also held on 29 June - 5 July 2017, at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

During the Board Meeting ProSPER.Net members voted on new membership. The ProSPER.Net Secretariat is glad to announce three new members to the network, bringing the total up to 40 members.

Mahidol University (Thailand)

Mahidol University has the vision to be a world class university and to excel in health, sciences, arts, and innovation with integrity for the betterment of Thai society and the benefit of mankind. In terms of sustainability practice and engagement, a number of courses related to environment and sustainability have been offered at Mahidol University as main stream, compulsory and elective. ‘A healthy and happy workplace’ is the objective for many ongoing implementation schemes under its Eco-campus development plan. In addition, numerous activities and events for environment and sustainability have been organized and hosted by Mahidol University among the students and staff, and in collaboration with other universities and institutions. Read more on ProSPER.Net’s new member here.

Griffith University (Australia)

Griffith University introduced Australia’s first degrees in Environmental Science. The Schools of Environment and Engineering have offered future-oriented environmental education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Ranked in the top three per cent of universities worldwide, Griffith’s degrees are specifically designed to prepare students for the future, and are developed in consultation with industry, based on cutting-edge research, and taught by Australia’s most awarded teachers. Griffith University remains strongly committed to sustainability through their programmes, their international and national collaborations through research and industry projects. Read more on how the university’s link with sustainability here.

University of Western Sydney (Australia)

The University of Western Sydney is pursuing a sustainability agenda by integrating sustainability into postgraduate courses, curricula and programmes.  This is evident in the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) focus in post graduate programs across six schools covering business, education, engineering, law, and science and health, social science and psychology.  The programmes with this ESD focus include different Master degrees, for example among others the Master of Business Administration, the Master/Grad Dip/Grad Cert Social Ecology and the Master of Laws (International Governance). Read more on the institution’s sustainability background on ProSPER.Net.

Upcoming Events

Hokkaido Sustainability Weeks

July-August 2017, Hokkaido, Japan

ProSPER.Net member Hokkaido University is hosting their annual Sustainability Weeks. Several events are held during July and August, corresponding with the Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI), a programme that brings together more than 130 world leading researchers. Read more

2017 Asia Pacific Leadership Programme on Environment for Sustainable Development

18-22 September 2017, Shanghai, China

ProSPER.Net member Tongji University is hosting the programme under the theme of Leading for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (The SDGs). Deadline for application is 10 August. Read more

6th UNESCO APEID Meeting on Entrepreneurship Education

23-25 October 2017, Manila, Philippines

The meeting aims to define a model of an Entrepreneurship Program and Curriculum for ASEAN, East and South, and to develop a consortium to support the Mutual Recognition of Qualifications for ASEAN, East, and South Asia at the tertiary education level. Deadline is 18 August. Read more

Open Calls

Review of the 1st Order Drafts of the Chapters of the IPBES Global Assessment

Assessment is open 15 June - 15 August 2017. The global assessment will provide vital data to assess progress against the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the SDGs. Read more

Call for Assessment of Indigenous and Local Knowledge (IPBES)

IPBES is calling for submissions for examples of indigenous and local knowledge (ILK) for the IPBES Global Assessment. Anyone with relevant indigenous and local knowledge or involved in projects or publications on ILK and biodiversity can make a contribution. Read more

Century Skills, Individual Competences and Personal Capabilities for Sustainability: A Management and Education Perspective

Central European Review of Economics and Management (CEREM) has issued a call for papers for a special issue on 21st Century skills. Abstract deadline is 15 September 2017. Read more

UNESCO Survey on Intangible Cultural Heritage in Asia Pacific

The International Information and Networking Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region (ICHCAP) and the UNESCO Office in Bangkok have launched a survey to assess Intangible Cultural Heritage-related programmes in higher education. You can participate until 15 August! Read more

SEAMEO-Japan ESD Award 2017 - Theme on Improving Health and Nutrition

If your school has implemented activities or programmes to improve health and nutrition of students, you are invited to participate in the ‘2017 SEAMEO-Japan Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Award’ on the theme ‘Improving Health and Nutrition’. Deadline is 5 September. Read more

Latest News

UNU-IAS Signs Letter of Agreement with IPBES Strengthening Collaboration in Biodiversity

Photo: Dr. Kazuhiko Takemoto (UNU-IAS) and Dr. Anne Larigauderie (IPBES)

On 24 July 2017 UNU-IAS entered a Letter of Agreement with the Intergovernmental Science – Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). With the signing of the agreement both partners strive to further facilitate research, education, and training for policy makers and researchers. Read more

ProSPER.Net: Community - Based Research Highly Relevant for SDG Implementation

At the 4th Annual Asia Research Intelligence Conference on ‘Universities and the Power of Data – Science for a Sustainable Society’ ProSPER.Net delivered a session on ‘International Collaboration: Community-based Research in the Context of the SDGs’. ProSPER.Net, during its session, addressed the issue of research and its contributions to sustainable development, specifically in communities. Universities are at the centre of research and education, and hence critical to address current and future development challenges. Read more

Strengthening the Link Between Biodiversity and Health

The 1st meeting of the Interagency Liaison Group on Biodiversity and Health (organized by the CBD Secretariat and the WHO) in May 2017 aimed to strengthen collaboration and policy coherence at the intersection of human health and biodiversity. Unnikrishnan Payyappallimana represented UNU-IIGH and UNU-IAS showcasing the work of both institutes on ecosystems and health, access to medicines, urban health and education. Read more 

IPBES Plan on Capacity Building Well Under Way for 2017/2018

Photo: Courtesy of IPBES

The fifth Meeting of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services (IPBES) Task Force on Capacity-building, was held at the Norwegian Environment Agency, in Trondheim, Norway, on 26-28 April 2017. As a follow-up to the rolling out plan approved earlier this year on IPBES Capacity Building activities, the meeting focussed on the implementation of specific capacity building plans for 2017-2018 and on consolidating contributions. Read more

UN General Assembly Encourages HEIs Commitment to SDGs

The President of the United Nations General Assembly addressed all IAU Members and the broader higher education community to stress the importance of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the key role of higher education and research in achieving that agenda. Read more


Special Issue on Professional Development in Higher Education for Sustainable Development

This special issue in the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education includes pioneering experiences across the world in the training of higher education academics in ESD. Read more

Textbooks for Sustainable Development: A Guide to Embedding

The UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (UNESCO MGIEP) has published a guide ‘Textbooks for Sustainable Development: A Guide to Embedding’ to help authors and publishers to produce a new generation of textbooks that integrate ESD. Read more

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