ProSPER.Net E-bulletin Issue 41 (April 2016)


Issue 41: April 2016


Message from the ProSPER.Net Secretariat:

Dear colleagues and friends,

Joint Meetings and Forum on Sustainability in Higher Education

We are delighted to announce that the Joint ProSPER.Net Tenth General Assembly and Sixteenth Board Meeting will be held on 11 July 2016 at the United Nations University (UNU), Tokyo, Japan. Invitation letters and registration forms have been sent to ProSPER.Net member representatives. Please notify your attendance to the ProSPER.Net Secretariat by 23 May.

Prior to the joint meetings, the ProSPER.Net Forum on Sustainability in Higher Education will be held on 10 July, at UNU in Tokyo, followed by a welcome reception for ProSPER.Net members. This year’s Forum will be part of the UNU Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Dialogue Series, which aims to provide stakeholders with scientific knowledge on the SDGs, to support and develop networks involved with the SDGs and to encourage the effective implementation of the Goals.

More details on the Forum and the SDG Series will be announced soon on ProSPER.Net. Please note that the Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) 2016 is also held back to back with the ProSPER.Net meetings(see below under events).

Open call for new membership

As briefly mentioned in the last Bulletin, the Secretariat now accepts membership applications for ProSPER.Net. Higher education institutions interested in becoming members of ProSPER.Net should apply following the procedure indicated onProSPER.Net and submit the application documents to the Secretariat by 31 May. All applications will be reviewed by the Board for consideration at the General Assembly.

ProSPER.Net Leadership Programme 2016

7-13 August, 2016, Malaysia

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 ProSPER.Net Leadership Programme is currently being developed in collaboration with the Higher Education Leadership Academy in Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia Sabah and University College Technology Sarawak. The ProSPER.Net Leadership Programme provides opportunities for participants to develop inter-disciplinary skills to lead sustainable development initiatives appropriate to local, regional, or global contexts. The open call for application will be made in May and more details will be shared on ProSPER.Net soon.


ProSPER.Net Secretariat

Upcoming Events

Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) 201612-13 July, 2016, Yokohama, Japan

The Forum, which is co-organized by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and the United Nations University – Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability More details of the forum and registration procedure will become available on IGES soon.

UNEP Green Room Event: Innovation, Partnerships and Assessment: Environmental Education for the SDGs26 May 2016, TBC

The event will feature, among others, the presentation of a new MOOC on Ecosystems Approaches and Systems Thinking, and the Sustainability Literacy Test. Read more

Universities as Beacons of Change: Education for sustainability lighting up pathways for a new world27-29 June 2016, Gibraltar

This UE4SD event welcomes participants interested in teaching and learning on sustainable development in higher education. The UE4SD project, funded by the European Commission, has identified and documented a series of leading practices on professional development in ESD in Europe. Read more

High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF)11-20 July 2016, New York, USA

The HLPF is United Nations’ central platform for the follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs. The HLPF will include voluntary national reviews and thematic reviews of the implementation of the Agenda, with inputs from other intergovernmental bodies and forums, relevant UN entities, regional processes, and other stakeholders. Read more

ESD for transforming Education for Children and Youth16-18 September, 2016, Ahmedabad, India

The Centre for Environment Education (CEE) that organizes this event is hoping to provide a platform for sharing research and experiences of engaging youth and children in both formal and non formal settings for Environment Education and ESD. Read more

For more events visit our ESD calendar.

Open Calls

IPBES calls for submissions of indigenous and local knowledge (ILK)

The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) is calling for submissions for examples of indigenous and local knowledge (ILK) relevant to its Asia-Pacific region assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Relevant indigenous and local knowledge (ILK) to contribute, or projects or publications on ILK and biodiversity, its benefits for and relationships with local communities and indigenous peoples can be submitted. Read more

IPBES Fellowship Programme

In a recent post we published IPBES’ call on governments and other relevant stakeholders to nominate experts to participate in the Global Assessment on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services the workshop to further scope the thematic assessment of the sustainable use of biodiversity.

In addition, governments and relevant institutions are invited to nominate fellows to the IPBES Fellowship Pilot Programme, to participate in this Global Assessment exercise. The programme is targeting early career experts who wish to gain experience in contributing to an assessment, by participating in the development of the global assessment on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Deadline for nominations is 5 May 2016. Read more

IPBES Webinar Series – Webinar 1: The IPBES Assessment Process

The IPBES task force on capacity-building has uploaded the recorded webinar of its pilot in the IPBES Webinar Series. The webinar combines an overview of the four stages of the assessment process with a detailed discussion on key topics at each stage. Key topics covered include: getting started as an author and assessing materials; handling the review process; identifying and accessing data and other knowledge sources; and dealing with knowledge gaps. Watch it here.

More resources on the IPBES Conceptual Framework and upcoming webinars can be found here.

Between Europe and the Orient is looking for PhD researchers

Call for proposals for the preparation of structured doctoral programmes! The funding initiative “Between Europe and the Orient – A Focus on Research and Higher Education in/on Central Asia and the Caucasus” was set up to support either projects that deal with current local developments or that are structurally anchored in the region. Deadline is 15 June 2016Read more

SNAPP Call for Proposals 2016

The Science for Nature and People Partnership (SNAPP) delivers evidence-based, scalable solutions for problems at the collective interface of economic development, nature conservation, and human well-being. SNAPP is especially interested in receiving proposals from the development and humanitarian sectors as well as academia, governmental agencies, and conservation organizations. Read more

TERI Univeristy Master’s Programme in Sustainable Development Practice

The TERI University’s Master’s Programme in Sustainable Development Practice addresses a critical gap in sustainable development education in South Asia. It aims to develop an international cadre of development professionals, well-equipped to tackle interwoven challenges of poverty, diseases, and climate change and ecosystem vulnerability specific to the region. Read more

On-demand e-learning course “The Age of Sustainable Development“

Welcome to the first full-length, on demand offering from SDSNEDU! “The Age of Sustainable Development” gives students an understanding of the key challenges and pathways to sustainable development. Read more

Online course ”Introduction to the 2030 Agenda: A new agenda for a Sustainable World”

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) has developed a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to address potential knowledge gaps related to changes required from policy-makers and ordinary citizens, to achieve the SDGs. Read more

More open calls and vacancies can be found in the CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT section on ProSPER.Net.

Latest News

Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) Updates: SDG Partners Platform

The new version of the Partnerships for SDGs online platform is now available. The new platform will allow users to access real-time information on HESI as well as to report directly on their work. This platform is a great way of searching for like-minded institutes that work in similar areas of interest. With currently 2,004 organisations listed, users can search by theme, location, SGDs, and much more. Each institute is depicted with a short paragraph, a contact and further details on current projects.Read more

HESI’s Focus: SDG 11 and Habitat III

With the Habitat III Conference later this year, HESI’s focus in 2016 is on SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities. Habitat III is the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development. In order to better plan their activities in this area HESI has decided to partner with Habitat UNI, UN-Habitat’s partnership for higher education, and to prepare and coordinate a series of events throughout the year. As an example, UNEP and UN Habitat organized a side-event on the Impact of higher education in the sustainability of urbanization at the Habitat III Regional Meeting in Prague on 18 March 2016. Read more

ACEID 2016 focuses on education and social justice

The International Academic Forum hosted its annual Asian Conference on Education and International Development (ACEID 2016) in Kobe, Japan on 3-6 April on “Education for Social Justice”. Researchers presented on a variety of topics related to ESD. These included the unique needs of small island states in creating a sustainable labour force, the challenges that teachers encounter with parents over lessons on sustainable consumption, and the need for ESD to be incorporated in civic intuitions, beyond formal schooling systems. Philip Vaughter, a research fellow at UNU-IAS, presented on the need for increased attention to how highly developed countries are engaging with ESD. Read more

Urban Future Global Conference – outcomes are online!

All presentations of the Urban Future Global Conference 2016 are now online. The four major topics this year were Mobility, Living & City Planning, Communication and Resources. Read more

ESD Books, Publications and Other

Advocacy Toolkit for SDG 16

This advocacy toolkit for SDG 16 on “Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies and Accountable Institutions” provides civil society and other nongovernmental stakeholders with guidance on how to engage with their governments and other local, regional or international stakeholders. Download the toolkit here.

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