University of Toyama


The University of Toyama is situated in Toyama Prefecture, on the west coast in the centre of Japan. University of Toyama is a university comprised of three former national universities: Toyama University (founded in 1949), Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University (founded in 1975) and Takaoka National College (founded in 1983), which were unified in October 2005. This integrated university consists of 9 Schools, 9 Graduate Schools, as well as a University Laboratory, University Hospital, University Library, and 12 institutes including the Organization for International Education and Exchange to facilitate international collaboration towards education for sustainable development (ESD).

University of Toyama will uphold a global standard of education and research integrated with the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and life sciences open to the regional community and to the world. The university will nurture students with a strong sense of mission and creativity based on the respect for human dignity. We will make contributions to the local, regional and international community, and will promote the harmonious development of science, art and culture, society and the natural environment.

The university offers diverse degree programs for international students and places great emphasis on research in the sciences and humanities.

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