University of South Pacific

The University of the South Pacific (USP) is the leading institution in the Pacific region with regard to ESD. USP is thus responsible for implementing the ESD Regional Action Plan and Annual Work Plan that was approved by the Education Ministers’ Forum in 2007.

USP’s Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (PACE-SD) is working with other regional, national, non-government and international organisations, in particular UNESCO, to promote ESD in the region.

USP’s EDULINK project titled Pacific Network of Island Universities: Mainstreaming Education for Sustainable Development – The NIU Project is a joint project between the National University of Samoa, University of Papua New Guinea and the USP. The project has been accepted for funding and its major objective is to mainstream ESD in a consortium of networked pacific island universities for building academic and research capacity to address sustainable development challenges.

Post graduate programmes in climate change (introduced in 1998 and revised and upgraded in 2007) continue to be offered and work in waste management to expand: composting for urban areas, solid waste management post graduate level course will be offered in 2009, training for industries and personnel to minimise waste at source is a success, and a survey of recyclable waste is complete.

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