Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Educational opportunities are grounded in the “Healthy Campus” Programme, which stresses the need for a healthy lifestyle as the key to knowledge acquisition. The programme is supported by the departments of Industrial Technology, Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Engineering and Communications.

The postgraduate programme on sustainable development is currently being formulated and the postdoctoral scheme has been proposed with collaboration with the United Nations University and existing programmes from other universities. Research goals focus on the areas of renewable energy, women in development centers and toxicology.

Outreach engagements include the Healthy Campus Programme and Regional Center of Expertise (RCE) in Penang,

Programmes for differently-abled people, the Malaysian Citizenship Initiatives, composting, the Peace Garden, the conservation of papers/ trees (e.g. paper production from banana trees), using cooking oil for motorbikes and raising general awareness about SD.

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