Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit


University logo. Copyright @ Registrar, SSUS

An institution of higher learning devoted to the propagation of Classical Sanskrit Language and Literature, Vedic and Vedantic studies, Indology, Indian Culture, Languages, Philosophy, Fine Arts, Social Sciences etc. The institution combines traditional streams of knowledge with modern and emerging trends of research. Accordingly, it has established a Centre for Intangible Heritage Studies, the first Indian University to do so. The University is named after Sree Sankara, the great exponent of Advaita Vedanta philosophy.   

The University has headquarters in Kalady, the birthplace of Sree Sankara, and eight Regional Campuses in different districts of the state of Kerala.

The University would like to be a facilitator for future networks among Universities as well as Regional Centres of Expertise on ESD (RCEs) in India and the Asia-Pacific region on “Intangible Heritage and Sustainable Development.”


Inauguration of National Conference on Heritage, 2018

Release of Kalady Charter on Intangible Heritage. 2015. Copyright @ B. Venugopal

Cover photograph of a programme by the CIHS, SSUSK. 2020. Copyright @ B. Venugopal