Nagoya University, Japan

Educational opportunities include the Graduate Schools of International Development, Engineering and Bioagricultural Sciences involved in Sustainable Development training and education.

Horizontal lectures are given on sustainability related to population, water, transport, energy, gender and peace building and also on safety and security related to disaster prevention through the multidisciplinary graduate schools gathering earth sciences, engineering and social sciences. The University has launched an ‘English Programme for Global Environmental Leaders’ featuring climate change, water/waste management and bio-diversity. Research goals focus on climate change and the impact of human activities on various aspects of nature including disaster preparedness and eco-balance.

Outreach is conducted through collaborations with communities in consensus building, working with governmental and international organisations such as JICA, National Institute of Environmental Studies, United Nations Centre for Regional Development and Asian Development Bank. The University maintains strong relationships with world leading industries located in the Nagoya region by inviting industrialists as lecturers and offering internships.

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