Kyoto University

The Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GSGES) at Kyoto University was established in 2002 to help address urgent global environmental problems through fostering professional researchers and practitioners in environmental management. Our master’s and doctoral programs are multidisciplinary – taught by faculty from engineering, agriculture, social sciences and humanities – and international, with approximately half of the student body from abroad and most courses taught in English. Our Environmental Education Laboratory promotes ESD research and initiatives. In addition, our program embodies an ESD approach by requiring students to conduct 3-5-month internships, by engaging in collaborative, problem-based learning, and by promoting campus sustainability.

We engage in active collaboration and exchanges in research and education with universities throughout Asia-Pacific, particularly in Vietnam, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Fiji. Current programs support establishment of double degree programs with several Asian universities and short-term courses and training for students from partner universities.

Please visit the GSGES website for more information.