Keio University, Japan

Founded in 1858 Keio University has a long history of leadership and research in Japan. The Shonan Fujisawa Campus was founded in 1990 with the express purpose of engaging in innovative research attuned to the problems faced in the modern world and has a unique education environment. This campus is defined by three faculties – the Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, and Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care – and two graduate schools – the Graduate School of Media and Governance, and the Graduate School of Health Management.

As a research oriented campus, students are able to join leading-edge research projects as early as their second year of undergraduate studies, and are encouraged to engage in fieldwork as well as traditional coursework in order to gain experience with developing solutions for the real world. Courses are offered in both English and in Japanese. Focused study in climate change and sustainability are primarily offered through the Environmental Innovators program, a graduate school for both Master’s and Doctoral candidates. The project-based program is focused on finding innovative solutions to social, technical, and environmental problems that emerge as result of climate change. For more information about environmental education and research please visit the university’s website.