Nanyang Technological University- Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute (NTU-NEWRI)


Launched in March 2008, NEWRI represents NTU’s efforts over the last two decades of being a committed and active participant in Singapore’s Environmental and Water Technology (EWT) R&D landscape. Operating with 8 co-ordinated units and some 400 researchers, NEWRI provides, with its laboratories, a coherent platform for multi- and trans-disciplinary interactions and a contiguous R&D value chain involving research, translation, development and applications. NEWRI specializes in the domains of water, wastewater and wastes for scientific investigations and practical industrial applications.

Specific Activities regarding Postgraduate Education and Research in SD and ESD related fields

NEWRI operates with around 400 PhD students and researchers for both Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Sustainable Development (SD) to develop innovative and practical environmental solutions for industry and community. NEWRI’s broad areas of education and research include: water management, membrane science & technology, waste management & resource reclamation, environmental biotechnology & bioprocess application, environmental chemistry & materials, provision of clean water & sanitation, and environmental science & engineering.

For more information, visit NEWRI’s website.