SDRAP 2019: Sustainable Development Research in the Asia-Pacific

Since 1957, Madhav Institute of Technology & Science (M.I.T.S), Gwalior, India has spearheaded in education focusing on STEM by establishing 11 departments for undergraduate and graduate courses. M.I.T.S. Gwalior will host ‘SDRAP 2019: Sustainable Development Research in the Asia-Pacific’, in…

2020 ProSPER.Net Young Researchers’ School

The 2020 ProSPER.Net Young Researchers’ School (YRS) will be held in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China, from 9th-15th March, 2020.

Hosted by Tsinghua University under the theme ‘Big Data on Earth System Science for Sustainable Development’, the YRS will provide participants with an understanding of the application and implementation of data on sustainability and earth system science, whilst developing their research and communication skills.

2019 ProSPER.Net Leadership Programme

The 2019 ProSPER.Net Leadership Programme will be hosted by the University of the Philippines Diliman in Quezon City, the Philippines this November. The theme of this year’s Programme is ‘Engineering Approaches to Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Towards Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific Region’.

UNU-IAS Runs Workshops on Climate Action in Education and Community Engagement in ESD at the 10th WEEC in Bangkok

The 10th World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC) was held 3-7 November, 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand, under the theme ‘Local Knowledge, Communication and Global Connectivity’, and was jointly hosted by the Faculty of Environment, Kasetsart University, the Thailand Global Warming Academy under the patronage of the Nabhamitra Foundation, and the World Environmental Education Congress Network. This biannual event, and the first to be held in Asia, brought together delegates from across the globe, focusing on education for the environment and sustainability, with the aim to enhance local knowledge within the global spotlight in terms of environmental education.